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X-Ray Motion Study


X-Ray Motion Study: Dr. Ronny offers advanced diagnosis of joint problems by using X-ray motion studies for patients from in and around Port Washington, Manhasset, Roslyn, NY at Gold Coast Chiropractic.

What is an X-ray Motion Study?

An X-ray motion study is a detailed evaluation of how a joint moves. The procedure uses digital X-ray technology rather than fluoroscopy. The X-ray machine is used to take a series of pictures. This allows healthcare professionals to watch your joints move internally in real time. The benefit to patients and healthcare professionals is a much better understanding of joint-related issues, joint disease, and physical barriers that patients face. Further advantages include more detailed plans of care, customized treatments, and the development of an accurate long-term treatment plan for recovery.

Can an X-ray Motion Study be used following a car accident?

An X-ray motion study can be used to evaluate any joint, including the joints up along the spinal column, for any reason. The detailed photographic results help to show a variety of issues that involve joints, even the presence and degree of whiplash. In fact, an X-ray motion study helps to show detailed ligament injuries. The study allows Dr. Ronny to accurately see injuries and to share that report with your primary care doctor or insurance company.

What is the benefit of an X-Ray Motion Study?

The benefit of an X-ray motion study, beyond the advanced diagnosis opportunities that they present, includes detailed conditions of joints. Joints are not just made up of bones, but can best be described as a relationship between muscle, bone, and ligaments. The X-ray motion study allows Dr. Ronny to view that relationship in great detail. This allows Gold Coast Chiropractic to customize care plans that are highly specific to each patient’s needs. Such detailed plans of care allow patients to receive the most appropriate care possible and to help speed recovery, decrease medication, and improve their quality of life.

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